Tender Hearts  Dayschool - ChildCare Center: Ages 12wks - 12yrs.​​ ( jerri.brummel@tenderheartsdayschool.com )

Toddler Room - 

Beginning in September of each year, Tender Hearts Dayschool offers pre-school and pre-kindergarten, 2,3 and 5 mornings per week. Teacher-child ratio for pre-schoolers is 1-10. The pre-school program begins promptly at 9am, ending at 11am., Each day is full of structured and unstructured fun beginning with birthday greetings and other celebrations and announcements. Topics covered incluie reading readiness, creative dramatics, art, beginning science, math concepts and music. Afternoons includes naptime, outdoor activities, indoor play and story time.

Pre-Kindergarten Room - 

In general, all of our toddlers follow a schedule which insures that a part of each day be spent on a large and fine motor skills, outdoor play, indoor free play and a time for nap. As our day is a twelve hour day, your child will see a change of shift in teachers, usually between 2:30-3pm. The Toddler Room teacher to child ratio is 1-7.

Infant Room - 

Hours Open: Monday through Friday, 6am - 6pm                         DSHS Payments Accepted                                     (360) 653-4076

Classrooms and Age Groups 

Waddlers Room - 

Waddlers enjoy a schedule and routine which builds upon the toddler room routines, skill development, structured and free play time with a focus on shared space and playing with others. Staff introduces your child to self-help skills and preschool activities, such as painting, experimenting with colors and shapes, and our music and movement program. The teacher-child ration remains at 1-7.

Infants are kept in a separate environment in an attempt to cut down on germs. Each infant's day is geared to the baby's individual schedule. Unless specifically requested, we do not attempt to put babies on a rigid schedule, although we do offer them a consistent routine. Our infant room has a teacher=child ratio of 1-4.

Before and After School -

Five Separate Classrooms:

  1. Infant Room - 12 weeks to 12 months
  2. Toddler Room - 1 to 2 years of age
  3. Waddlers Room - 2 to 3 years of age
  4. Pre-Kindergarten - 3 to 5 years of age
  5. Before & After School - 6 to 12years of age

Before and after school activities are offered at Tender Hearts Dayschool for children ages 6 through 12. Early arrivers are supervised until the public school buses pick them up and again as they return here. Tender Hearts staff meets and greet children at our bus stop. Immediately, from the buses, the children are greeted, roll call taken and snack provided. the remaining hours are spent in outside play, table games, homework time and assorted activities.