Tender Hearts  Dayschool - ChildCare Center: Ages 12wks - 12yrs.​​ ( jerri.brummel@tenderheartsdayschool.com )

Academics and Curriculum

Hours Open: 6am-6pm / Monday thru Friday        DSHS Payments Accepted                 (360) 653-4076

Tender Hearts Dayschool Program Description

The goal of Tender Hearts Dayschool is to provide a quality child care program at a reasonable price for children 12 weeks to 12 years of age;

  • to provide a quality childhood experience to children who are in our care, and
  • to relate well with the parents and community and be responsive to the needs of all those we serve.

It is important to allow the children to grow and develop at their own individual pace: socially, physically, and intellectually. We want them to their individual potential in a stimulating and loving atmosphere.

Social Goals: to allow the children to relate to each other in a free and unrestricted way. We use smiles, hugs and attempt to give the children the confidence they seek at this age

Physical Goals: to provide fresh air, sunlight and exercise for good health. We provide the setting and the equipment to motivate the children to develop their large muscles while discovering their independence.

Emotional Goals: to provide a creatively rich and positive learning environment. Positive influences set the stage by having stimulating things to do and time for experimentation. We want the children to explore their sense and emotions through a positive and creatively rich learning environment. In our environment the children will feel more secure because they will know what is happening next. Within our routines the children also feel family relationships and self satisfaction.

Intellectual Goals: to create curiosity and interest so the children will evolve and learn to solve problems. We provide a stimulating atmosphere for dramatic play, art , nature, science and music that will create intellectual interaction.

                                    Lesson Plans and Teaching Materials:

All lesson plans, teaching materials and activities are structured to fit appropriate age levels and are based on seasonal themes which incorporate THDS goals listed above; Social, Physical, Emotional and Intellectual.

                                                     Music Program: 

At least three times a week each age group listens and sings with their teachers. All children love music and you will be amazed to see how spellbound the children are during music time. The other two days of the week we introduce the children to large motor dance and rhythms as well as various instruments and sounds.

                                                   Lunches and Snacks

Tender Hearts Dayschool has three snack times a day; 9am, 2:30pm and 4:30pm. For the afternoon snacks we offer graham crackers, saltines, peanut butter, popcorn and/or fruit. Milk or juice is provided with lunch and all snacks. Children can either eat school provided lunch or bring their own.

We feel very strongly that you cannot learn good nutrition too young, so we request that no pop, chips or candy ever be sent with your child. We provide several suggestions for nutritious snacks and lunches.